Business Management BSc (Hons)

Start your academic journey towards excellence with the collaborative efforts of Kingston University and London College of Business Studies. Explore our Business Management BSc (Hons) program, meticulously crafted to prepare you for success in the ever-evolving field of business.

This programme equips you for a career in business management, furnishing you with the essential skills, knowledge, and practical experience for success. You’ll engage in hands-on learning, tackling real business challenges, participating in consultancy projects with actual clients, and accessing internship opportunities. Additionally, there’s ample support for aspiring entrepreneurs, including assistance in launching your own venture. A personalised development programme aids in uncovering your career aspirations and strengths, readying you for your next endeavour. The insights you’ll gather will not only help you forge valuable business connections but also distinguish you from your peers as you embark on your professional journey. Learning from academic mentors, industry veterans, and fellow students enriches your understanding and perspective.